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SHS CNC Aluminium One-Piece Hop Up Chamber Set


อลูมิเนียม CNC 7075


SHS CNC Aluminium One-Piece Hop Up Chamber Set

  • SHS CNC 7075 Aluminium One-Piece Hop Up Chamber Set for M-Series AEG
  • Made out of CNC 7075 Aluminium.
  • This One-Piece Metal Chamber Set is more durable and accurate in feeding BB.
  • Improves Firmness of the chamber stabilizes the muzzle velocity.
  • Fits most metal bodies (except KWA metal body).
  • Fit tightly to the barrel base to keep the chamber being centered.
  • Suitable for M4 / M16 series version 2 AEG gearbox .
  • Compatible with all Tokyo Marui M4 / M16 series AEG.
  • Not like stock plastic chamber which would bend and de-shape, this metal one give you rigidity.
  • Highly recommend for upgraded Airsoft Electric Gun to withstand higher air pressure.
  • Color - Red
  • Weight - 18g
  • Original Packing.
รุ่น SHS CNC Aluminium One-Piece Hop Up Chamber Set
น้ำหนัก (กรัม)18กรัม
ความยาว (mm)-
วัสดุCNC Aluminium 7075
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