Vector Optics Remington 870 Picatinny Rail Mount


สำหรับปืน Remington 870 Series


Heavy Duty, In Precision, Top Picatinny Rail, Fits Remington 870 Shotgun 12. and Compatibles, With Side Picatinny Rail

  • ผู้ผลิต Vector Optics 
  • SCRA-38
  • Top rail length: 155mm (6.1 inch)
  • Bottom length: 115mm (4.5 inch)
  • Weight (net): 155g (5.5 ounce)
  • heavy duty and in precision
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Top low profile see-through picatinny rail
  • Side picatinny rail
  • Shock proof can be used on real fire caliber
  • Fits Remington 870 Shotgun 12 Ga. and Compatibles
  • Two locking bolts included for replacing the original trigger pins
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