Vector Optics H&K MP5 Tri-Rails Compact Handguard System


สำหรับปืน AEG, GBB, H&K MP5 Series


Tactical, One Piece Compact Style, Full Metal for Real Fire Caliber, Easy & Quick Installation

  • ผู้ผลิต Vector Optics 
  • SCRHK-07
  • Triple military picatinny rails for the installation of flashlight, laser, grip, bipod and red dot scope etc
  • Overall length: 149mm (5.9. inch)
  • Weight (net): 200g (7.0 ounce)
  • 12 Slots Each On Left, Right & Bottom Rails
  • Lower rail style with CNC procedure
  • One piece style more accuracte
  • Light weight in precision
  • Easy and quick installation
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • With hex key
  • Fit most MP5 H&K series (may not fit the GSG-5 Or MP5 SD .22 Models.)
  • Shock proof can be used on real fire caliber
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