Vector Optics KeyMod 3 Inch Picatinny Rail Section


สำหรับราง KeyMod


"KeyMod" slots on sides & bottom allow for mounting rail segaments to attach tactical accessories such as vertical grip, laser sights, flashlights, sling mounts, and bipods.
Full Metal, With Tools, 3 Inch Style

  • ผู้ผลิต Vector Optics 
  • SCRAAM-23
  • Overall Length: 75mm (3.0 Inch)
  • Distance between two screws holes: 60mm (2.4 Inch)
  • Weigh (net, per piece): 27g (1.0 ounce)
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Designed for real fire caliber
  • For .223Rem M series key mod handguard mount rail sytstem 
  • With tools
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