Vector Optics Sable 1x25x34



หมวดหมู่ : Scope & Reddot กล้อง vector optic


หมาะสำหรับ (MAX.)
อาวุธปืน .223 5.56 .308 7.62
ปืนลม (PCP)  .177 .22 .25
ปืนลูกซอง 12ga 20ga

เป้า 4 แบบ, Digital Switch Control

Quick Release 21mm Picatinny Mount, Four Kinds of Reticles
Red & Green,Design for Real Fire Arms, Digital Switch Control 

  • ผู้ผลิต Vector Optics 
  • SCRD-06
  • Magnification: N/A
  • Lens Size: Tubeless Sight Window 25x34mm
  • Exit Pupil: 25-24mm
  • Overall Length: 82mm (3.2 inch)
  • Width: 40mm (1.5 inch)
  • Height: 48mm (1.9 inch)
  • Height with QD mount: 66mm (2.6 inch)
  • Weight (net):140g (4.9 ounce)
  • Eye Relief: Free
  • Field of View (M @ 100M):36
  • Optics Coating: Multi coated
  • Brightness levels: 6 levels red and green
  • Parallax: 1 MOA at 80 meters
  • Elevation Range: 60 MOA
  • Windage Range: 60 MOA
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Digital two sides switches for red or green color dot
  • Reticle: Four kinds of reticles; reticle exchange with audible click
  • Feature 1 MOA (50 Yards) windage and elevation
  • Shock proof, Rain Proof and Fog Proof
  • 6 levels brightness for green and red color. Press three seconds to shut down the sight
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finishWith reticle lock feature
  • Integrated 21mm picatinny quick release mount
  • To exchange battery: Use coin to release the cap Take out the used battery
    Exchange with 1 pc CR2032 battery, Refasten the cap again
  • Free fitting: Gift package, hex keys and cleaning cloth
  • ใบรับประกันสินค้า

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