XCortech X3200 MK3 Chronograph




Weight   : 220 g
Color      : black
Material : plastic
Manufacturer : Xcortech
Code : XA003200R003


A modern chronograph of the legendary XCORTECH.

It has a very wide menu, allowing selection of all the necessary parameters.
It remembers the results of 25 shots, and for the correct readings, are responsible set of 14 sensors.

Measurement of muzzle velocity in the range 30 ~ 400m / s - 90 ~ 1200 FPS
ROF measurement 100 ~ 5000 RPM
Energy measurement in the range of 0.1 ~ 999 J, or J/ cm2
High-quality display with adjustable brightness
MicroUSB socket, thanks to which it is possible to power the device in the field using the power bank.
A set of 14 sensors that provide precise measurements
Memory of 25 shots
The choice of caliber from 4.5 to 18 mm and weight in the range of 0.1 to 9.99 g.
Thread enabling mounting on a tripod
Power supply 2 x AA battery
The dimensions are 113 x 97 x 55 mm






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